Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Connect with Year 5/6 Term 3 Week 9


Learning and Teaching

In Year 5/6 We Are Learning To....

READING: We are continuing to make Connections to the texts we read. The students will connect what they read to their lives, to other texts and to the world around them.

WRITING: We are exploring different types of poetry, focusing on the structure and language features used to make an effective poem. Students will be exposed to many forms of poetry and have the opportunity to create their own piece of poetry.

MATHS: We are exploring number patterns and algebra through open ended and hands on investigations. We are also revisiting our 3,6 and 9 multiplication facts.

INQUIRY: Students have been working very hard to complete their Projects and they will be ready to share their Projects with family and friends at our Celebration Day on Wednesday 16th September.

E-learning: The Year 5/6 students are continuing to use iPads to investigate the range of software available. They will continue to work with iMovie and Garage Band throughout Term 3.  

We will be introducing Movie Maker to the students and teaching them how to attach their Garage Band music to the footage or slideshows.

Calendar Dates
  • 9/9   Maths Olympiad 5
  • 11/9 Marine Life Dress Up Day
  • 15/9 Marine Ambassador Workshop 4
  • 16/9 History Celebration Day - Parents welcome 9-10am
  • 18/9 End of Term 3, 2:30pm finish

 Making News

History Celebration Day
After a lot of hard work and effort, the Year 5/6 students are excited to share their projects with you at our History Celebration Day. Family and Friends are invited to join us from 9am -10am on Wednesday 16th September to celebrate all of the students' hard work on their projects throughout the term.

Kinder Visits
The year 5 students have been busy visiting the Kinder Kids at Acacia Avenue. A total of 12 lucky students had the opportunity to visit the Kinder and help the kids with their activities including dancing, playing on the swings, playing in the sandpit and even serving them their snacks!

Marine Life Dress Up Day
On Friday the 11th of September our Marine Ambassadors are encouraging students to dress up as their favourite marine creature or simply dress in blue to show they care for our ocean. 
Please bring a gold coin donation. Funds raised will go back into the Marine Ambassador program to help keep this program running in the future.

Our Marine Ambassadors are also looking forward to attending their 4th and final workshop next week. They will participate in a number of different activities to help make a difference and clean up our bay.

Big Green Schools Conference
On Wednesday the 9th of September our Green Gang members attended the Day Two Conference held at St. Louis de Montfert. We presented to other schools and told them all about everything 'Green' at our school. We were proud to share how far our chickens have come, show pictures of all of our new trees from tree planting day and talk about our recycling and compost.   

Achievement Awards
Congratulations to the following students who received achievement awards:
Danielle 6W
Ryan 5D
Angel 5D
Anthony 5/6S