Thursday, 3 December 2015

Level 4 Term 4 Week 9


Learning and Teaching

In Year 5/6 We Are Learning To....

READING: Knowing how words work. Our reading strategy is understanding how words are used in text to give meaning to texts. Our skills we will be working on are as follows: Using knowledge of words to help me read and make meaning. Use clues in the text to help me guess what a word means. Interpret figurative language to understand the text.

WRITING: We are writing transactional pieces of writing to friends and family. We will write holiday cards, postcards and holiday letters. Students will draft and practice adding in questions into their writing to gain information from the recipient of their writing.

MATHS: Our work on location and transformation and angles will continue for the next 2 weeks. Our focus will continue into mapping and how to interpret a range of different maps, looking at scale, dimension and size. We will also look at how we reference a grid such as G1 or A3.

UNIT OF STUDY: Celebrations around us.
We are investigating the celebrations in the world around us. We will be looking at a range of different cultures, their backgrounds and what they celebrate. This will lead us into Christmas and how people in our community celebrate the holidays.

E-Learning: We are using a range of publishing tools to develop transactional writing pieces, such as cards, invitations and other texts. We are looking at investigating other programs other than publisher to create our pieces.

Calendar Dates 
  • 4/12     Carols Night
  • 11/12   Whole School Sports Day
  • 15/12   Year 6 Graduation
  • 17/12   Year 6 Big day out.
  • 18/12   Last Day of School for 2015! Early finish

 Making News 

Our school sports day is approaching and will be a fun filled day. Please make sure you wear your house colours and get mum and dad to come along and support you as well.

Christmas Carols: We hope to see as many families as possible come along and see the hard work the students have been putting into their Christmas songs. The students are very excited to perform on the night.

Student awards
Anna Begkli 5/6S for her new job of an underwater ocean cleaner.
Cooper Williamson for his Bring on the Bling, Why oh Why 2025 new job.
Caleb Bonsall for his ability to use the 7 characteristics of curiosity. 
Josh Aylen for taking risks and keeping an open mind to change with thinking.