Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Grade 5/6 Term 3 Week 3 & 4

Grade 5/6 Term 3 Week 3 & 4


Learning and Teaching 

READING: The students have been unpacking a new strategy, 'Determining Importance' through individual and group activities

WRITING: Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring the various types of poetry. We have started with Haiku poems and the 5-7-5 syllable structure. We look forward to seeing their new knowledge of figurative language in their poems. 
Also, 'Big Talk' homework will commence next week.

MATHS: The students have been enjoying the division unit and have taken responsibility for their learning by using the 'Priority Standards' to monitor their progress. This has allowed the students to see all the concepts in the division unit and work at their own pace.

Many students have been beating their own times during the speed tests for times-tables. It has been evident that many have been practising at home. Please continue to encourage your child to practise their times-tables at home every week.

INQUIRY: Our 5/6s have been very excited about the new inquiry unit and have started researching their chosen countries. All classes have had interesting discussions about the pros and cons of hosting the Olympics and the students have been enthusiastic to share their opinions. 

Photos from the SEDA Soccer Clinic

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Grade 5/6 Term 3 Week 1 & 2

Grade 5/6 Term 3 Week 1 & 2


Parents are welcome to join us in the school hall for tea and coffee on Friday afternoon at 2.15pm to meet our new Principal Renée Kennedy.

We will have assembly in the hall following this at 3pm.  Renée is looking forward to meeting our parent community so we hope to see lots of you there!


Doors will be opened by 8.50am so parents and students can come in if they choose. When the bell rings at 8.55am, parents are asked to leave the corridor and classrooms to allow all students to come inside and prepare for learning time to begin. Students who are not in class when the 9am bell rings are late to school and must report straight to the office for a late pass.

Learning and Teaching

READING: Students have been exploring figurative language through independent and whole class activities. 

WRITING: This week, the students have created a 'how or why' question to be the basis of their explanation text. They will research their questions and follow the text structure to produce an explanation text.

MATHS: We have started a new unit on division this week. The students have completed a pre-unit assessment and will be exploring various concepts such as written and mental strategies, equivalent number sentences and problem solving.
We also encourage students to continue to practise their timestables at home every week.   

INQUIRY: Our new unit 'Location, location, location' has begun! Linking in with the Olympics, in groups the students have chosen a country to research throughout the term. They will be exploring geography, culture and Olympians to name a few. They are enthusiastic to get started!  

Project Rockit!
The students were so excited to see Caitlin and Ash from Project Rockit come back to Mentone Park Primary School for another engaging session.

Some of the concepts the students unpacked included:
- Everyone is worth so much more than a social label
- Everyone wears an invisible badge by making good choices when no one is looking
- Leadership is about making decisions that you're proud of
Your values make you who you are!