Thursday, 25 August 2016

Grade 5/6 Term 3 Week 7 & 8

Grade 5/6 Term 3 Week 7 & 8


Learning and Teaching 
READING: Our focus has been on developing higher order questions before, during and after reading a text.

WRITING: The students have been writing information reports over the past two weeks. They have chosen topics or current events and have become an expert! Many students have shown passion for social justice through their chosen topics and are inspired to spread their knowledge with others.
MATHS: We have started the new maths unit 'Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.' Growth mindset has been very prevalent during the maths sessions, with students working through challenging activities using growth mindset language and problem solving strategies.

INQUIRY: Students have been exploring the geography of their chosen country, using Google Earth, Google Maps and atlas. They have started comparing the landscape of their country of choice with Australia and making notes for their project. All groups have demonstrated teamwork and enthusiasm during our inquiry sessions. We look forward to seeing all their research and ideas come together!

Achievement Awards

Rory- For cooperating with his inquiry group.
Hayley- For completing all set tasks on time.

Nat- For demonstrating teamwork during group activities throughout the week.
Shaedyn- For demonstrating perseverance when faced with challenging maths tasks.

Daniel- For his information report about Black Rhinos.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Grade 5/6 Term 3 Week 5 & 6

Grade 5/6 Term 3 Week 5 & 6


Learning and Teaching 

READING: The students have been making predictions and inferences to understand the meaning of their texts.

WRITING: The students have been very creative when writing their own poems. The focus has been on haiku poems and limericks, with students also freely exploring other types of poetry such as odes, riddles and acrostic poems during their free choice writing time.
We will begin informative texts next week.

MATHS: 'Priority Standards' and 'I Can statements' have continued to motivate the students in their Area and Perimeter unit of work. They have been able to apply their knowledge to real world problems and create appropriate solutions.

INQUIRY: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi! The Olympics have begun and we cannot contain our excitement! The Rio Olympics has been discussed and celebrated across all subject areas and the students have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the various facets. The students have shown their passion for the Paralympics through the discussions held over the past fortnight. The Refugee Olympic Team has been an interesting topic. We have watched videos of the refugee athletes talking about their motivation behind competing and it has given the students a different perspective. 

Other News

Logical Thinking Challenge
This term selected students from Years 3-6 will participate in the Logical Thinking Challenge to challenge their logical problem solving skills.
The Logical Thinking Challenge is an adaptive on line test which has been developed by the University of Melbourne.  The questions the students will be answering will cover a range of skills including the areas of Logical, Measurement, Numerical and Spatial.
The test comprises of 24 multiple choice questions which will be completed during class time in the week of the 15th- 19th August.
The school will receive a report of student results. We will notify parents through the newsletter when we receive the results.
Let’s encourage our students to be curious and rise to new learning challenges and opportunities!!

Achievement Awards


Daniel- For showing teamwork during our inquiry sessions.
Riley- For creating an interesting Haiku poem
Amy- For demonstrating persistence and confidence when solving division problems.
Julian- For contributing his valuable thoughts about the Olympic Games during guided reading.  


Mitchell - For using his growth mindset when creating a Haiku poem