Thursday, 30 March 2017

Senior School Weeks 8 & 9

Senior School Weeks 8 & 9


We began the week with a very engaging and thought provoking incursion, 'Just Like Me', which enabled the students to interact with the day-to-day tasks a child in a third world country experiences. Many valuable discussions have been happening and a more empathetic understanding is becoming prevalent.
Mordialloc College representatives came and spoke to all of our students on Wednesday 15th March. It was most informative and engaging, students who are interested were able to take a bag home with relevant information. Most of the neighbouring secondary colleges come and talk to our students as well as providing dates for open nights at their schools.
First day of Term 2 is Tuesday 18th April
Art smocks are required for classes during Term 2

Learning and Teaching 

Our Big Write prompts have added excitement to the start of each week! The students walked into the atrium space and were confronted with a 'Crime Scene' in which they became the detectives. Lots of rich discussions and suppositions have been taking place, so we are looking forward to their Big Writes with anticipation.
MATHSOver the past couple of weeks we have been exploring Angles and Lines and most recently our unit on Prime, Composite and Negative numbers. Students have experienced an assessment this week using the Plickers app. Ask your child how it works!

Just Like Me Workshop


Wellbeing Program



Marine Ambassadors Workshop with the Preps