Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Senior Report - Term 1, Weeks 1-5


HELLO! This is Anna from the Senior News Crew. I am one of the year 6 students who are now going to be writing the newsletters for you every fortnight. We haven’t been writing to you for quite a while, so this is EVERYTHING that has happened so far this term. 2 weeks ago, we had the 3-6 swimming carnival. It was soooo fun!! The students SMASHED the teachers in the parent-teacher vs students race. The year 5-6s also did their water safety swimming program once a day last week! And the new school leaders have gone to a leadership learning program to learn how to be better leaders for the school.  Have an amazing week!!! (well it will be 2 weeks until I write again but anyway) This is Anna signing out!

Hello I’m Alex, one of the new Senior News Reporters and I’m giving you a few reminders to put on your calendars and in your diaries...

Wednesday 7th - District Swimming
Monday 12th - Labour Day (PUPIL FREE DAY)
Wednesday 21st - Harmony Day
Friday 23rd - Jump Rope 4 Heart
Monday 26th - School Photo Day
Thursday 29th - Easter Raffle drawn
Thursday 29th - Last Day Term 1

Monday 16th - First Day Term 2
Wednesday 25th Anzac Day (PUPIL FREE DAY)

*Beaumaris Secondary College is holding a second Prospective Parents evening on Thursday March 8th, 6:00pm at Beaumaris Secondary College Activity Centre 117-136 Reserve Road, Beaumaris. Call the office on 5869 9200 if you would like to attend.
*Don't forget to return your Easter Raffle tickets by March 26th.
*Thank you for your support with the Easter Raffle. Please ensure your Easter donations for the hampers are brought in by March 23rd.
*Don’t forget we have classroom cuisine every Wednesday and Friday, remember to make your order before 8:30am.
*Icy poles are every Tuesday and Thursday for $1 each.
*A working bee is coming up soon...stay tuned for more info!

Andjelka Here!
We have just finished Synthesising. We read texts about the government e.g: local, state and federal about what they do. Synthesising is when we read between the lines to get new knowledge, summarise ideas and put pieces of the text together to see them in a lot different ways. We also just started connecting to self, to books and to world. Connecting is when we realise the cause and affects within the text. Each week in reading we go on News for Kids website, we go on any level of reading and we could look at current affairs but its put into kid friendly language. One of the stories was about Vegemite icy poles and if they should be in stores.       
Andjelka out! 

In Writing the Senior School has focused on persuasive writing. We have been learning OREO… unfortunately not the cookie. It means opinion, reason, evidence, opinion. It has been a lot of fun. Here are some examples of the topics we chose to write about: Summer is better than Winter, Guide Dogs Victoria should come to our school every week and There should be no school uniform. The Senior School is currently learning about narratives and we are excited to learn more. 
Ethan N.

Hi I’m Drew M-R and I am reporting to you about Maths. In Maths this week we have been doing projects focusing on addition and subtraction. We were separated into two groups. In the first group we were given a sheet with different supplies and you could design let’s say a table or a cabin and then work out how much you have spent. In the other group you got to design a holiday where you got to book flights, book a hotel and plan for three days. Some people went crazy buying 1 million dollar shoes, it was exciting. Some people even bought castles and hotels, even Lamborghini's. It was million-dollar madness.

In Inquiry we have been learning about levels of government: Local (Kingston, Bayside, Frankston), State (Victoria) and Federal which is Australia's government. We have been learning how laws are passed. It is also a part of our homework, where we have questions that we research at home. It is really exciting learning about the people that govern us. 
Billy J

Swimming Program

Year 6 Buddies

Leadership Day

Growth Mindsets

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