Thursday, 13 September 2018

Senior Report - Term 3, Weeks 8-9

 Senior Report - Term 3, Weeks 8-9

Last Tuesday the whole school went to Kingston Arts Centre to perform our production of 'Under the Big Top' for an afternoon and evening performance. After weeks of rehearsals, every student put on a fantastic show for everyone. It was an amazing show that everyone enjoyed. Well done!

What was your favourite part of production?
"I enjoyed showing all the parents and friends what we got to do and what we have been doing for the past few weeks. I enjoyed my role as Ringmaster!" - Darcy

District Athletics
Last Monday many of our 3-6 students represented our school in the Mordialloc District Atheletics. Every student gave their best effort in their event and showed fantastic sportsmanship towards each other. Well done to everyone who participated on the day. Congratulations to those students who placed 1st or 2nd in their event on the day and will be moving onto the Division level. We wish you the best of luck!

What was your highlight at District Athletics?
"I liked running in the relay because I was running with my friends and I got to talk to them while waiting for the race. I am proud what I placed too. I placed first in high jump and hurdles, and second in relay." - Sam

Important Dates
Term 3
Thursday 20th September - Staff vs Student Netball game @ 2:30
Friday 21st September - Footy Colour Day. Wear your favourite team's colours. It's also last day of Term 3!

Term 4
Friday 12th September - Scienceworks Excursion

If your child is absent from school, you must notify the school via flexibuzz of this in the morning. If not, you will now be sent this message from your child's teacher via flexibuzz:
Dear Parents/Guardians.
Your child has been marked as absent from school today. Can you please contact the office to notify us of the reason for this absence.
Kind Regards,
Mentone Park Primary School/Your Child's Teacher

What is your favourite activity Reading from the past few weeks?
"I liked making spelling word comics in my reading strategy goal group for the spelling activity. It was very fun and I got to learn what all the different phobias in my spelling words meant because I didn't know them before" - Kate

What did you learn in Writing over the past few weeks?
"I learnt all about debates. I learnt that you have to be very persuasive to get the audience to your side. You can win your debate by using strong language and evidence such as 'YOU MUST VOTE FOR ME' and it was extremely fun to do my debate. My team won our debate" - Andjelika

What is your highlight from Maths from the past few weeks?
"My highlight for maths is probably when we got to find out all different kinds of data using spinners, card, dice and M&ms. We used the data to look at the different chances and transferred what we did into fractions, decimals and percentages once we got the results. It was quite fun." - Holly

What are you most proud of with your inquiry project?
"I am proud of getting lots of work done in my project about Tornadoes and Sinkholes. I learnt that sinkholes can get so large that they can be bigger than the school. I've made my project into a booklet and I will be making a video to explain my project for the presentation" - Tikki