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Senior School Term 1 Week 3 2019

  What's happening in the Senior School? 

Term 1 Week 3 & 4 2019

Hello and welcome to our first edition of the Senior School Newsletter! We have literally dived straight into a busy, yet exciting first term and have been loving every minute! From day one our Senior students have shown a great level of integrity and leadership, especially at our House Swimming Carnival. The support they gave to one another, the teachers and parents, whether or not they competed in the water, was outstanding! In addition to competitively swimming, we are learning the art of mindfulness through yoga and safety around water during our week long swimming program. Our Grade 6's have excitedly met and been assigned a Prep Buddy for the year, someone they can provide support to and guidance out in the yard. Meanwhile our Grade 5's are learning their new sport in preparation for our first Interschool Sport meet.
On top of all this we are exploring the structure of narratives, using descriptive clues in texts to visualise and identifying the importance of place value up to the billions. We are also regularly discussing the importance of digital safety and how those lessons can be applied both on and offline.

In Reading we are learning to...use descriptive clues in texts to create sensory visual images.
In Writing we are learning to...plan and draft narratives with established characters and settings.
In Maths we are learning to...identify the place value of numbers up to billions and use them to add and subtract.
In Spelling we are learning words...Gr 5 –c as in cat Gr 5 – ea as in beach   Gr 6 – re- prefix Gr 6- ch as in school.
In Play Is The Way we are learning to...pursue our personal best, no matter who we work with.
In Inquiry we are learning to...become aware of the digital footprint we leave and ways in which we can be safe both online and out in the community.

Monday 11th February - Weekly Yoga sessions begin
Friday 15th February - House Swimming Carnival
Monday 18th to Friday 22nd February - Water Safety Lessons
Friday 22nd February - Leadership badge presentation
Monday 25th February - Marine Ambassador Workshop 1
Wednesday 27th February - Get to know you interviews
Friday 1st March - I/S Sport at MPPS (5/6A to provide apples and oranges)
Wednesday 6th March - District Swimming
Friday 8th March - I/S Sport at MPPS (5/6B to provide apples and oranges)
Monday 10th March - Labour Day (No School)

Notice Board & Communication
Along with the newsletter, Flexibuzz and student diaries, the display board in the center of the Senior School Atrium will also be a point of regularly updated communication. Here you'll find:
- important dates throughout the term
- a weekly outline of our timetable
- learning focus (WALT)
- reminders
- spare copies of notices/handouts etc.
- spotlight on a particular student, grade or event
If you haven't done so already, please update your class box on FlexiBuzz to ensure you are receiving the latest communications.

Code of Cooperation
Together as a level the Senior students established a Code of Cooperation. It will be regularly reviewed to ensure students are upholding the expectations they have set for themselves. 

In addition to the above Code of Cooperation, Senior all students are role models and leaders for the lower year levels. As we regularly represent Mentone Park across the school and out in the community, students are expected to have proper and neat uniform. We appreciate all assistance in ensuring we are setting the best example.

Homework will be a variety of tasks including: maths, reading, SMART spelling, current affairs and wellbeing. It will be handed out on a Monday and is due the following Friday. The expectation is that students manage their time during the week so that they have their weekends free to relax and spend with family. 

During week 4 students will participate in Water Safety Lessons (18-22/2). Students are reminded to bring their bathers, towel, recess, lunch and a water bottle each day. 
Our lessons are:
-5/6A 12-12:45pm
-5/6B 12:45-1:30pm
-5/6C 1:30-2:15pm
The final session on Friday requires students to wear clothing in the water over their bathers. Please ensure that a spare pair of clothes is packed for this activity. we recommend old clothing. 

Get to know you interviews
Meet the teacher is now available on Wednesday the 27th of February. You can book an interview online at using the code: ppywv
These interviews are an excellent opportunity for you to tell us about your child and anything additional that may aide us in supporting their learning.

If your child is absent from school, you must notify the school via flexibuzz of this in the morning. If not, you will now be sent this message from your child's teacher via flexibuzz:

Dear Parents/Guardians.
Your child has been marked as absent from school today. Can you please contact the office to notify us of the reason for this absence.
Kind Regards,
Mentone Park Primary School/Your Child's Teacher

Some amazing first impressions from our Grade 5 student's:


During week 2, the 5/6's were learning about internet safety. Internet safety Day was on Tuesday the 5th of February. The day before, we split up into groups of about 10 people and handed around a ball of string to form a web. When you had the string you had to say something you do on the internet (eg. play games) and something that keeps you safe (eg. don't share private information). We also made digital footprints about the online marks we leave and wrote out pledges in small groups.
- Kirby 5/6C


I think the Senior School is fantastic because it is an open space to work and learn in. We do a lot of fun group activities, independent activities and often the whole Senior School joins and works together. We are currently focusing on visualising, place value and the structure of narratives. I especially enjoy reading and writing! Every Friday we have interschool sport or practise. The summer sports are volleystars, cricket, rounders and tennis. The winter sports are netball, volleyball, AFL and soccer.
I really enjoy working in the Senior School and have made many new friends!
-Izzy 5/6C

It's really exciting but nerve racking moving from the Middle School to the Senior School. So far my 3 favourite subjects are writing, reading and weirdly maths. We have been writing narratives using the 7 amazing sizzling steps. We have also interviewed a partner which was really fun because I got to ask the questions like what is a really interesting fact about you and what challenges have you overcome?
- Molly 5/6A

When I walked through the doors of the Senior School I was scared and definitely nervous, but it didn't stop me from being excited for a new year ahead! I knew I had great teachers and that I will learn plenty things and I was right!
-Elly 5/6A

When I was in grade 4 I was so excited to go into grade 5 and now that I have settled in I think it's so fun! I have been in the Senior School for a while now and have made plenty of friends in my class. I'm also making alot of new friends too and there have been 2 new people join us.
So far in the Senior School we have been looking at the digital footprints we leave and how to be safe online as part of our wellbeing. The Senior School is a fun and challenging experience for everyone here at MPPS!
-Sienna M 5/6A

The Senior School is very open and there's lots of space. We have sliding doors in each classroom that we can open to work together or close so we don't disturb each other. There are lots of expectations and you have to be respectful, especially in 5/6 so you set a good example for the younger grades.
-Sienna J 5/6A

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Senior Report - Term 4 Weeks 8 - 10

 Senior Report - Term 4, Weeks 8-10

As the end of the year draws near, we find ourselves busier than ever leading and preparing the school for many exciting events. Our Grade 6 students are splitting their time between being leaders of MPPS and celebrating their time here, whilst also attending orientations for their Secondary schooling. Our Grade 5 students are busily preparing themselves for leadership opportunities next year and helping setup for the Carols Night and classroom changes next year. 
In amongst all of this, we are still managing to complete the following:
- Compile our own newspapers
- Budget for weekly groceries 
- Review books through various reading strategies
- Explore the geography of a foreign country and compare it to Australia

Team Building Incursion
On Monday the 26th of November the senior school had an incursion about team building. Mel and Sebina showed us some activities to help us build up our teamwork! There were times that we had arguments but we had time after every activity to talk about our strengths and weaknesses and what worked for us and what didn’t work for us. Some of the activities were very challenging but we had to encourage each other to do our best. Some of the activities were in small or large groups. The best thing is that we all came out of there more confident and more friendly towards each other.  
By Olivia H  

Bike Ed Assessment
On Friday the 30th of November the grade 5 and 6 students had a Bike Ed assessment day to assess our skills learnt on the road. We first went out of the school and down a side street, around a roundabout and turned left onto Southern Road. We then turned down Acacia Avenue and back into the school for two laps. We also did mapping activities and finished off filming our road safety ads. At the end of the day we all got a certificate and some people won prizes for their efforts. It was so fun!
By Morgan
House Sports Day
On Friday the 6th of December the whole school had House Sports Day. At the start of the day we gathered all of the students in our houses and went to our meeting places. When we had settled in our house groups we started practising our chants. After we got everyone excited with our chants we went out and got put into our age groups and started our sports. We didn’t get to do all of it because of the heat. After that there was a sausage sizzle and ice poles. At 2:00 we played some games in our houses and then we went to the hall to find out who one. KINGS WON!!!!! Everyone did a great job!
By Lucy   

In the senior school we were assigned with two major projects, making a newspaper/magazine and a project about a chosen country! The newspaper involved writing a book review, an opinion piece, an information report, a narrative, a crossword, meal recipes and their costs, a puzzle, a page about our geography project and a quiz about our country! There were also a few additional tasks to do if we had finished early! We were also asked to make a front cover! In my opinion this was a really fun and interesting project to do!
The second project was a project that involved us to use the internet along with books! We were given a page of activities that involved comparing and contrasting our chosen country with Australia and its education and lifestyle. We even had to plan a day of traditional activities for someone to do if they ever went! We also had to make detailed maps and then say what we noticed about the two! I’m pretty sure we all really enjoyed learning and making these amazing projects!
By Anni

On Tuesday the 11th of December the whole school came back at 5:00pm for the Christmas Carols. The year fives were setting up after lunch for the carols by putting up the tents and paper chains people had made to decorate the trees. We also set up the sound equipment.
When everyone came back  they each did a song and one of the STOMP dances from the production. There were lots of people!  
This years carols was special because it was MENTONE PARK PRIMARY SCHOOLS BIRTHDAY! MPPS turned 50 years old! We finished by singing happy birthday, having a snack and a visit from SANTA! He came and handed lollies out to the kids at school.
By Irene

Important Dates
Tuesday 11th December - Christmas Carols Evening
Thursday 13th December - Year 6 Big Day Out @ Luna Park
Tuesday 18th December - Year 6 Graduation Night
Thursday 20th December - Senior School Party and Kris Kringle
Friday 21st December - Last day of Term 4!

If your child is absent from school, you must notify the school via flexibuzz of this in the morning. If not, you will now be sent this message from your child's teacher via flexibuzz:

Dear Parents/Guardians.
Your child has been marked as absent from school today. Can you please contact the office to notify us of the reason for this absence.
Kind Regards,
Mentone Park Primary School/Your Child's Teacher

What has been your Reading highlight this year?
I have lots of highlights in reading, my biggest was focus groups. We read Tashi and shared our thoughts about what had happened. I also liked News for Kids, a program on Google where we watched clips and answered comprehension questions. We also got to take words from our text and make crosswords for our friends.
By Liam

What has been your Writing highlight this year?
Writing a procedure for my newspaper was my highlight. My procedure was about 'How to make a souvlaki'. I chose to write about this because it is a food of my culture, I could use the knowledge from my family shop and it is also my favourite food!
By Angelo

What has been your Maths highlight this year?
My highlight of maths was the financial math project. It was a bit stressful, but now I know how much my Mum spends on our family. We had to buy healthy dinners, breakfasts and lunches for a week for our whole family from either Woolworths or Coles. We had a a maximum of $250 to spend and a minimum of $200. It was so fun and I hope we do more things like this project next year!
By Jake M

What has been your Inquiry highlight this year?
Oh inquiry! What education you give and the things that we've done together is unforgettable! From looking at Parliament, to researching Peru. But out of all the loving moments, my favourite of all is my volcanic project. My mind was filled with eruptions, smoke, magma and tectonic plates.
By Carla

Team Building

Bike Ed

 Inquiry projects

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Senior Newsletter - Term 4, Weeks 1-7

 Senior Report - Term 4, Weeks 1-7

Here in the Senior School we have had a fantastic first half of Term 4 filled with many exciting things going on. Read to find out what fun and exciting things have been keeping the year 5 and 6 students and staff busy this term.

Science Works Excursion                                                                              In the first week of term we went to Science Works. I loved science works because of the planetarium. In the planetarium we learnt about different star constellations and where our 8 planets and Pluto sit. We were told facts about these planets and what ones we can and can't see. We also got to look at all the other areas in Science Works two and there was a sport area as well that the year level liked as well.
By Alex

District Rugby
In week 2 we participated in a rugby tournament. 
Boys: The first game we lost by 1 try. The scores were 3-2 in the other teams favour although we did put up a good match. In the second game the score was 2-3 in their favour but again we did improve from the last game offence and defence. In the third game the scores were 1-2 but we should of got a try we didn't get. The last game we didn't win however we had fun going into it and most of our team didn't have experience with rugby. Some of our scorers were Billy with two trys and Euan with 7. 
By Charlie

Girls: In the first game it was 6-0 and we won. The next game was 12-0 and we won again which made us feel very happy because we had a chance to make it to state. The third game was 5-0. The last game was the finals and we lost by 1 try unfortunately. Everyone played really good and played as a team to try and get as many trys as we could. We even had a saying "Don't attack the girl, get the tag"
By Jasmine and Alannah

Project Rockit Incursion
A few weeks ago the guys from Project Rockit taught us about cyberbullying and how it can spread very very easily. First they told us about themselves. Then we did an activity where Emma had to act out an octopus riding a skateboard chopping up veggies and every person that came in after had to describe what it was from the last person. This taught us that messages can change and spread really quickly and how this can hurt people. Some hot tips they told us to stay safe online were don't give other people your personal information such as iphone passcodes and snapchats, if you see stuff happening you don't have to be a bystander you can step in and say something nice to support others and to try and be part of the solution, not the problem. Overall it was really really fun and entertaining.
By Andjelka and Angie

Bike Education
This term in Bike Ed we have learned all the different safety rules about riding your bike such as pedal power position, headchecks, use your arms to tell your direction to drivers and always stay to your left on a roundabout. We have been learning how to ride on the road, we have been filming ads for bike safety about what to do and what not to do as well as making directions to one place to another place avoiding busy roads using Google Maps. I enjoyed learning learning all the different safety rules and how to ride on the road. 
By Morgan

Maths Olympiad 2018
Throughout this year, 14 dedicated Year 3-6 students have voluntarily given up their lunchtimes and time at home each week to represent our school in the 2018 Maths Olympiad. The Maths Olympiad is a challenging competition for high achieving maths students. It allows individuals to ‘put their talent to the test’ and compete against other students from across Australia and New Zealand.
These students have worked hard to develop their maths problem solving skills in this challenging competition. The students are:
Senior School
Anton Z
Oscar C
Kate O
Edward L
Victoria C
Anna H
John T
Holly J
Matt G
Hongkai Z

Congratulations to these students for their dedication and efforts throughout the year. Special mention goes to Kirby who finished within the top 50% of all students, John and Anna who finished in the top 40%, Edward who finished in the top 25% and Victoria who was our highest achieving student who finished in the top 20%. Well done!

Important Dates
Friday 30th November - Bike Education Assessment Day
Friday 7th December - House Sports Day
Tuesday 11th December - Christmas Carols Evening
Thursday 13th December - Year 6 Big Day Out @ Luna Park
Tuesday 18th December - Year 6 Graduation Night
Friday 21st December - Last day of Term 4!

If your child is absent from school, you must notify the school via flexibuzz of this in the morning. If not, you will now be sent this message from your child's teacher via flexibuzz:

Dear Parents/Guardians.
Your child has been marked as absent from school today. Can you please contact the office to notify us of the reason for this absence.
Kind Regards,
Mentone Park Primary School/Your Child's Teacher

What have you been learning for Reading so far this term?
For Reading we have been learning how to do literature responses and we finished off Boy Overboard. I learned how to do the TEEL structure which stands for topic, example, evidence and link. I used the TEEL structure to make my literature response better - Kate

What has been your Reading highlight so far this term?
My highlight was doing the book reviews and literature responses to Boy Overboard. I liked it because we got to state our own opinion about it and say if we liked it or not, as well as what we would change - Olivia P

What have you been learning for Writing so far this term?
I really enjoyed creating our own newspapers that featured multiple text types. I liked the newspapers because we could include everything in it such as literacy, maths and inquiry into it. My favourite piece for the newspaper so far is my narrative about my teachers being animals - Harper

What has been your Writing highlight so far this term?
My highlight has been writing narratives to make picture story books for the junior school because I got to express my feelings on the page and use all my ideas. My story was pandas who become friends - Evie

What have you been learning for Maths so far this term?
I have learning about money and budgets. I learnt about how a lot of things are very expensive to buy. I've enjoyed making my shopping list and finding the cheapest price and I found good discounts such as $2 off - Oscar

What has been your Maths highlight so far this term?
My highlight is definitely division and trying to understand more about division. An activity I enjoyed was working on my booklet with my timetables goals which was good because this helped me to get better at my high timetable sums - Jake B

What have you been learning for Inquiry so far this term?
We have been learning about what different countries live with. I learnt that we are lucky compared to other places in the world. I'm doing my geography project on Sweden and it's interesting how cold it gets there - Angus

What has been your Inquiry highlight so far this term?
My highlight has been learning about different countries and all their differences even their toothbrushes. I'm doing my geography project on Mexico. I've learnt about all the people in Mexico and how their are rich and poor people. There is even a family in Mexico that only earn $35 dollars a month - Tikki

Science Works

District Rugby