Thursday, 21 April 2016

Grade 5/6 Term 2 Week 1 and 2

Grade 5/6 Term 2 Week 1 and 2


Welcome back! It has been full steam ahead as we head into the second term. We have had 5/6 sport, Cross Country trials, the wellbeing presentation, scientists in schools and a very special talk from Sue Crennan (Nat Petty's Nanna). We were lucky to have Sue come in to talk about the judicial system and her experience as a High Court Judge. Her talk triggered some insightful conversations with the students. Thank you so much Sue!

We also welcome a new student to Mrs Sampieri's class, Jy. 

Learning and Teaching

READINGStudents have continued to identify the main idea of the text using facts or details in their books to support their understanding. 

WRITING: This week, we have completed a 'Cold Write' assessment on narratives. The students are becoming comfortable with this process, which is fantastic to see as NAPLAN approaches. Students have also continued to edit and publish a chosen narrative over the past two weeks.

MATHS: Our focus has been on addition and subtraction. Students have been working on their number fluency and worded problems. They have been challenged to think of their own worded problem, using irrelevant number information to distract the reader. This has encouraged students to become alert when reading worded problems and identify the important information in a problem.

INQUIRY: We have introduced a new inquiry topic, 'Biodiversity and Adaptations,' which will be explored during the first half of the term. We have been exploring the desert environment and desert animals, in particular camels and how they have adapted to their environment. 
We also have the 'Scientists in Schools' program running this term, which will compliment our inquiry unit.


Interschool Sport 
Friday 22nd of April- Summer Sport Finals/ Winter Sport Training
Friday 29th of April-  Winter Sport Begins- vs. Parkdale PS (Away at Parkdale PS)

Achievement Awards

5/6 L
Jake- For writing an engaging narrative during Big Write titled “The Long Journey.”

Jy- For showing confidence starting a new school and having a go at all set tasks.

5/6 R
Hannah- For persistence in finding the main idea during guided reading.