Monday, 22 May 2017

Senior School Term 2 Weeks 5 & 6

Senior School Term 2 Weeks 5 & 6


School Payments and Wellbeing Incursion
Students participated in a wellbeing incursion called 'Show Some Respect' on Monday the 22nd of May. The students were fully engaged as shown by listening intently and asking thoughtful questions. Just a friendly reminder to check you have paid $7 to cover the cost of this worthwhile incursion.

Another friendly reminder to check your school statements, as there are many outstanding payments for the following events:
- Beach Swimming
- Yoga
- District Cross Country 

- Wellbeing incursion

Statements are being sent home this week, please have a look and check, this will be greatly appreciated, before we can plan any future events.

Open Night
During our open night on Thursday the 25th of May, 6-7pm, we will be showcasing how we are fostering curious learners in the senior school through science experiments and our recent STEM projects. All parents and students welcome. 
Interschool Sport 
 This week we take on St. Brigid's at home and all games commence at 9.30am. We would love to see some parents come down for support. Could all students please bring an orange.

Learning and Teaching 
Students have written two explanation texts where they 
logically described the stages in a process and why it is important. In reading, we have been focussing on the strategy- connecting where students have been challenged to form deeper connections to a text, whether it be connecting it to a personal experience or world event. 


Students worked through various concepts relating to extended addition
 and subtraction, including 3 and 4-digit carrying, worded problems, solving missing addends and trading.
We look forward to commencing our unit on Statistics next week, where students will be gathering data and producing a project.