Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Senior School Term 2 Weeks 3 & 4

Senior School Term 2 Weeks 3 & 4


Last week we started our Inquiry Unit on chemical and physical science. Students brainstormed their ideas on both topics and then undertook an activity where they had to categorise examples into either the physical strand or chemical strand: an egg breaking, mowing grass, shredding paper, burning toast, popping popcorn and crushing a can. We then learnt how to write up a scientific report using the headings; Question, Prediction/Hypothesis, Materials, Method, Table of Results and Findings.  

Our experiment was to find out how many half teaspoons of salt can dissolve in 50ml of water. Fair to say the findings did not match our predictions!!! We also discussed the many variables that could have affected the outcomes. Stirring Vs non-stirring, fork Vs spoon, length of time to wait for the salt to dissolve and whether each cup was measured to exactly 50ml were all examples of variables.
We are looking forward to immersing the students in 4 new science experiments this Friday!
Pictures of this experiment can be viewed below.

 Art- Students will need their art smocks during Term 2 classes.
Camp forms and $100 deposit is due Friday 12th May. Camp packs with relevant information will be sent home in the coming weeks.
Year 7 2018 transition forms due Friday 12th May.
Interschool Sport
We started Winter Interschool sport last week against St. John Vianney's with excellent feedback of sportsmanship from all teams. This week we take on St. Mark's at home (football at Southern Rd Oval) and all games commence at 9.30am. We would love to see some parents come down for support. Could all students please bring an orange.

District Cross Country

Wednesday 17th May at Karkarook Park with the first race commencing at 10am.

Congratulations to all the Grade 5 students who completed this year's NAPLAN. We would like to commend their willingness to give everything a go and put all the strategies that they had learnt into practice. Results will be released late in Term 3.

Learning and Teaching 
ENGLISHStudents have devised and completed their own persuasive texts. They were given the opportunity to write about a topic that they were passionate about and then present their arguments through persuading an audience using facts, figures and emotions. In reading, we have been focussing on the strategy- synthesising where students combine ideas from the text with what they already know to create new ideas.

We have been completing a detailed program of revising all areas of the curriculum in readiness for NAPLAN. Areas highlighted and flagged for high importance were; Area and Perimeter, Sequencing and 3-Dimensional shapes. Upcoming topics include- extended Addition and Subtraction and Statistics and Probability.

Captured moments

Science Experiment- How many half teaspoons of salt can be dissolved in 50ml of water?


 Green Gang visited Carrum Primary School to research sustainable practices