Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Level 4 Newsletter Term 2 Week 10


Learning and Teaching


In Year 5/6 We Are Learning To....

READING: The next reading strategy we are focusing on is 'predicting and inferring'. Students will make inferences while they read and recognise cause and effect relationships in their reading.

WRITING: We are completing our work on Explanation text types. We are investigating the structure and features of how to compose explanatory texts.

MATHS: Our Mathematics work will be around summarising our term of work by exploring the different units we have been focussing on. We will work across the level 4 team and celebrate our learning.

INQUIRY: Our Science Celebration day will be on Monday. We would love to see as many families as possible come along to our assembly and then visit our building to look at the range of science experiments we have done this term.

eLEARNING: The Year 5/6 students are using iPads to investigate the range of software available. We will commence our work with iMovie and Garage Band and carry into Term 3. 

Calendar Dates

  • 22/6 Reports go home
  • 22/6 Science celebration day
  • 24/6 Student led conferences
  • 25/6 Local excursion to Parkdale SC for Michael             Jackson concert
  • 26/6 Last day of Term 2 - early finish 2:30pm

Marine Ambassadors
Our Marine Ambassadors Taite, Bella, Aaron and James attended their third Workshop on Tuesday. We went to Banyan Reserve at Carrum Downs to see a litter trap being emptied from the wetlands. A representative from South East Water told us that up to 500kg of rubbish is collected from each litter trap. We then made our way to Mordialloc Beach and walked along the canal to see where the water flows out to our bays. We were able to see that no matter where the litter is dropped, it will always make it’s way into our bay. Our take home message - if we do not take action to reduce our litter, we will drown in our rubbish in the next 20 years! Please dispose of your rubbish correctly and put it in the bin and remind others to do the same.

Interschool Sport
Unfortunately none of our sporting teams made it through to finals. 
Netball A finished 2nd
Netball B finished 4th
Football finished 2nd
Volleystars finished 2nd 
Soccer finished 2nd
T-Ball finished 2nd, which is an amazing result. 
Congratulations to those students who tried a new sport for the first time.

Making News

Scientists In Schools
We have been so lucky to have Ivan visit us over the last three weeks taking science lessons in our grades. Its been fantastic for the students to have a real scientist visit us and show us some amazing experiments. We will celebrate this learning by demonstrating some of the experiments we did at our celebration day on Monday.

Maths Olympiad

Mentone Park’s Maths Olympians are continuing to participate in this year’s Maths Olympiads. The students have enjoyed the challenges that are set out for them in each session. Mr Wilton and Mrs Dummond have been impressed with the students across all grades and how they are extending themselves by completing the tasks at school and at home. Maths Olympiads will continue in term 3.

Achievement Awards

Congratulations on our Achievement Award recipients:
Alex S 5-6S
Aaron 6W
Natalia 5D