Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Grade 5/6 Term 4 Week 7 & 8

Grade 5/6 Term 4 Week 7 & 8


Learning and Teaching 

READING: The students are continuing with their focus on interpreting texts and have been completing independent reading activities, covering all the reading strategies. We have been exploring 'Dogonews'  a program that enables students to practise their comprehension skills through real-life situations. 

WRITING: The students have been adding to their Writer's Notebooks and enjoying free choice writing throughout the week. They have completed a Big Write assessment this week, focusing on a narrative with the prompt 'Missing'.
MATHSWe have begun our unit of work on 'Money' exploring real life situations and working out problems and budgets for spending. They have also been completing timed times tables challenges. We are happy to accept more catalogues from home.

The Immigration Museum was a wealth of information for all students. Reading the stories from so many different immigrants as they made their way to Australia. Students have begun exploring their own personal stories. There is no expectation for any work to be completed at home, although students may want to find out their family history to add to their projects.
Achievement Awards

LucasFor showing his leadership skills when working in a team.

For displaying her curiosity and interest while exploring the Immigration Museum.
Sonia- For extending her interest and researching the many stories from our visit to the Immigration Museum.


Amy- For demonstrating her curiosity in the stories we read at the Immigration Museum.