Thursday, 14 March 2019

Senior School Term 1 Week 7 2019

  What's happening in the Senior School? 

Term 1 Week 7 2019

Despite the extra day off, our shorter school week has been just as busy! Some used the day as an opportunity to holiday or get out and about, whereas others used it to relax and simply do nothing. Whatever you chose to do, we hope everyone enjoyed an extra day of rest this past Monday for the long weekend.
Last week some of our Senior Students proudly represented Mentone Park at District Swimming in Noble Park. Unfortunately after all their hard efforts, we did not have anyone progress to Division. We did however show excellent sportsmanship and we couldn't ask for anymore! Well done!
Across the Senior School we have been getting into the swing of our new rotations (STEM, Library & Language) which the students have all been keenly participating in. Additionally, arguments (of the good kind) have been taking place as students passionately persuade us and each other on chosen topics. In maths a new daily challenge has students eager to refine their multiplication skills and in reading we are connecting past and current events with our text. 
Tomorrow we look forward to participating in National Day Against Bullying to spread the message about standing together and are eager to continue our ongoing discussion on the importance of resilience. Every single person has a right to happiness and positive self worth. No one should try to take that from you! 

NDAB and Harmony Day will feature in our next newsletter, as will student reports on our first SEA Living & Growing session.

In Reading we are learning to...make connections between a text and events that are currently occurring or have occurred in the world
In Writing we are learning to...structure persuasive texts and include strong statements of opinion
In Maths we are learning to...recognise how multiplication and division facts can be used to problem solve
In Spelling we are learning words...Gr 5  ‘gh’ & ‘g’ as in gherkin & gate Gr 6- Gender specific nouns
In Inquiry we are learning to...'Take a Stand Together' against bullying by creating our own definition of the word and exploring the effects it can have on a persons wellbeing

Friday 15th March - I/S Sport Rotations Away
Friday 15th March - National Day Against Bullying
Monday 18th March - SEA Health & Human Development - Living & Growing Session 1
Wednesday 20th March - Student Leadership Day at Westall
Thursday 21st March - Harmony Day
Friday 22nd March - I/S Sport at MPPS (5/6C to provide apples and oranges)
Thursday 28th March - SEA Health & Human Development - Living & Growing Session 2
Friday 29th March - I/S Sport Gala Day Away
Thursday 4th April - SEA Health & Human Development - Living & Growing Session 3
Friday 5th April - Last Day of Term 1

SEA Living & Growing Sessions
Soon our Senior students will be participating in 3 x 90 minute sessions over three consecutive weeks to support them in making healthy decisions as they grow older. The dates are listed above in 'Important Dates'.
Topics covered will include:
  • conception, pregnancy and birth
  • names and functions of reproductive parts
  • physical, social and emotional changes of puberty
  • managing friendships
  • respect for self and others
  • responsible use of technology and social media
  • key messages on ‘body safety’
These topics are all in line with the Victorian Curriculum and further information regarding the provider can be found at: A note has also been sent home with your child.

Harmony Day
Harmony Day is about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural or linguistic background. Nothing brings people together quite like food! Join us this Harmony Day (Thursday 21st March) by bringing a plate of food from your cultural background or a country you have recently visited to share with your class. Please be mindful of allergies and include a list of ingredients with the plate.
Students may add a touch of orange to their uniform to show their support! The colour orange signifies communication, meaningful conversations, freedom of ideas and the encouragement of mutual respect.
Our 5 and 6 students will be supporting the junior year levels throughout multiage group activities in the morning.

Notice Board & Communication
Along with the newsletter, Flexibuzz and student diaries, the display board in the center of the Senior School Atrium will also be a point of regularly updated communication. Here you'll find:
- important dates throughout the term
- a weekly outline of our timetable
- learning focus (WALT)
- reminders
- spare copies of notices/handouts etc.
- spotlight on a particular student, grade or event
If you haven't done so already, please update your class box on FlexiBuzz to ensure you are receiving the latest communications.

Code of Cooperation
Together as a level the Senior students established a Code of Cooperation. It will be regularly reviewed to ensure students are upholding the expectations they have set for themselves. 

In addition to the above Code of Cooperation, Senior all students are role models and leaders for the lower year levels. As we regularly represent Mentone Park across the school and out in the community, students are expected to have proper and neat uniform. The Senior Sports tops are only to be worn on Friday's. We appreciate all assistance in ensuring we are setting the best example.

Homework will be a variety of tasks including: maths, reading, SMART spelling, current affairs and wellbeing. All tasks need to be completed as we are encouraging good habits leading into Secondary School. It will be handed out on a Monday and is due the following Friday. The expectation is that students manage their time during the week so that they have their weekends free to relax and spend with family. 

Head lice
Any case of head lice is to be reported to the office. To assist in preventing the spread of head lice, all students with hair that can be tied up are required to do so.

If your child is absent from school, you must notify the school via flexibuzz of this in the morning. If not, you will now be sent this message from your child's teacher via flexibuzz:

Dear Parents/Guardians.
Your child has been marked as absent from school today. Can you please contact the office to notify us of the reason for this absence.
Kind Regards,
Mentone Park Primary School/Your Child's Teacher

What's been happening according to the students of 5/6C:

Specialist - In PE we have been learning how to play baseball and have been lucky enough to have Jo from Baseball Victoria to teach us. For Art, we have been given the opportunity to enter a competition for 3 people's artwork to be shown at the Mentone Officeworks opening. The winner will receive a $100 gift card to spend at Officeworks!

Maths - We've been doing multiplication and have begun a challenger series to warm up each day. You are given 3 minutes to complete multiplication facts and once you have mastered a level you can progress to the next. We have also explored the faces, edges and vertices of 3D shapes by creating our own 3D cities.

Writing - In writing we have been learning how to set a persuasive piece with strong arguments. We have been drawing up tables to help us organise our arguments and we have been working on good persuasive sizzling starts.

Reading - We have been making connections between our books and events that happen in the world around us. Throughout the week we participate in 4 rotations. Spelling/Language Fitness, Reading Eggspress, Guided Reading with the teacher and an independent Text to World task based on our own books.

Rotations - For STEM we have been using Scratch to code characters to move and talk. In library we arranged ourselves according to the Dewey Decimal System after watching a silly rap and in LOTE we watched Roman Mysteries set in AD. 79.

Interschool Sport - So far we have had 2 home games against St. John Vianney and Parktone. We've tried our best and were lucky enough to win some games.