Thursday, 1 December 2016

Senior School Weeks 1,2 & 3

Senior School Weeks 1,2 & 3


Learning in the Senior School has begun with a buzz of excitement as many new faces become accustomed to our environment. In welcoming the new Grade 5 cohort as they begin to understand what is expected of a senior student, we have been focusing on building relationships with each other and learning the new language of ‘Play is the Way’- a practical methodology for teaching social and emotional learning using guided play, classroom activities and an empowering language.
Our Senior school leaders were presented with their badges at last Friday's assembly. Looking forward to a great year of moving forward with your teams within the grade 6 cohort. Congratulations!
Learning and Teaching 
We are establishing our reading groups and our learning intention is to frame Higher-Order questions while reading. Students are experiencing the various reading activities we focus on at the senior level. All students have had opportunities to borrow books from the library and there are many times throughout the day the students can catch up on their reading.

Our learning intention has been to focus on the structure of a narrative and their features. Students began their 'Big Talk' and first 'Big Write' session this week. They have all showed enthusiasm and produced some excellent pieces of writing.
Our focus has been on place value and improving the speed of our times tables. All students have experienced various maths activities and games to improve their skills.

The students will be exploring the three dimensions of health: Social; Physical; Mental/Emotional. The focus being on how do we keep physically and socially healthy? Looking at and identifying all characteristics of health.

At Mentone Park Primary School we have many forms of communication. Newsletters from all levels are fortnightly and whole school in the alternate week. One to one interviews are held twice a year (Feb and June) but please feel free to make an appointment with your class teacher when necessary. We also use tiqbiz  regularly to keep parents notified of upcoming events. 

Friday 17th Feb: Swimming Carnival at Mentone Grammar
Monday 20th Feb: YOGA begins
Monday 20th Feb to Friday 24th Feb: Beach Swimming
Tuesday 21st Feb to Wed 1st March: SOMERS camp
Wednesday 22nd Feb: Meet the Teacher!
Thursday 2nd March: District swimming