Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Grade 5/6 Term 4 Week 3 & 4

Grade 5/6 Term 4 Week 3 & 4


Learning and Teaching 
READING: During our guided reading sessions, the students have been using their inferential skills to make meaning of silent short films. They have thoroughly enjoyed the discussions 

WRITING: We have started writing newspaper reports during the Big Write sessions. Students have had the choice to write either fictional or non-fictional reports and have begun to publish these for our class newspaper.  

MATHS: Students have continued working on their Time Priority Standards and 'I can...' statements at their own pace.

Students have been learning about Australian history from the 40's- 60's over the past two weeks. The 'My Place' episodes have sparked interesting conversations about post-war migration.

 Bike Ed... All checked and ready to go!

Time for Maths!

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