Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Senior Report - Weeks 6-7

On Wednesday 7th March the District Swimming Team went to Noble Park to compete against other schools in our district. The swimmers tried their best and had a fun time. Congratulations to Katarina for making division in breaststroke! We’ve started STEM in the Senior School and it’s been really exciting. Plus, the School leadership team have been doing a great job running assemblies.
Ethan N

Green Gang/Marine Ambassador update
On Tuesday the Marine Ambassadors visited OLA for a workshop on teaching children about the importance of the ocean and the animals living in it. At the end of the workshop we were given a dolphin money box for fundraising. We are going to put the money boxes outside the office so that if you’re passing the office and you have spare change you can donate by putting the money in the money box and it will be donated to SR3. It will go towards building Washington’s first marine animal hospital.

Hello!!!! This is the one and only Anna! Today I am doing the reminders so you can remember them and write them down in your brains
Wednesday 21st – Harmony Day
Friday 23rd – Jump Rope 4 Heart
Monday 26th – School Photo Day
Thursday 29th – Easter Raffle Drawn
Thursday 29th – Last Day Term 1
Monday 16th – First Day Term 2
Wednesday 25th – Anzac Day (PUPIL FREE DAY)

Our Reading topic for the past two weeks has been connecting and we have been learning how to make text-to-text, text-to-self and text-to-world connections. My group has been reading Now by Morris Gleitzman then connecting it to events in another book or in our lives. Everyone has enjoyed reading and we have learnt a lot about connecting. Billy.

In Writing these two weeks we have been focusing on narratives. We have been doing character profiles, developing the setting of our story, and working on our problem and solution patterns. We have started writing our stories based on what we have been planning during the last week to make our stories better. Examples of stories  children getting lost in the forest and lots of other stories. That is what we have been focusing on these two weeks and it's been great.
Drew M-R

In the past few weeks in Maths groups we’ve been learning how to concert fractions, decimals and percentages. We’ve been learning how to add with fractions and how to simplify and change the answers to a different form. We haven’t run out of work to do in Maths and we’ve been solving lots of problems. Everyone is enjoying Maths and completing all the tasks. Everyone is putting in their best efforts and their personal best. Alex.

In STEM we have been looking at how to make an egg drop at 3.00 meters by making a contraption so it doesn’t crack during the fall. Some people are building a waterslide that a Lego figure can slide down safely. Our planning skills have gone off the charts pages with pages full of planning so hopefully the egg doesn’t crack! Andjelka.

District Swimming

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