Thursday, 10 May 2018

Senior Report - Term 2, Weeks 3-4

Senior Report - Term 2, Weeks 3 - 4

On Friday 27th of April, the Grade 5/6’s went to their different destinations to play their summer sport. The four summer sports were Cricket, Rounders, Newcomb and Tennis. Everyone did a great job and enjoyed playing different teams. I did cricket and we came fourth overall in our district.
Ethan N

On the 30th of April some of the Year 3 to 6 students went to Karkarook Park to compete in the district cross country. It was a fun day and everyone tried their best. Three people made it into the next round of division Kosta, Daniel, and me. It was a great day and we are excited for next time we run. 

Also here’s a joke, what do you get when you run behind a car.
Answer: Tired.
Billy J

Every Tuesday - No Trash Tuesday! To limit the amount of rubbish at the school, please limit the amount of packaging and attempt to send snacks and lunches in named containers that can be taken home and reused. Thank you!

Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th - Year 5 NAPLAN
Tuesday 22nd - Italian Day

Friday 22nd - Winter Sports Gala Day

 This week in Reading we are learning to determine importance. In my reading group we did really bad front covers for the books we were currently reading. Some of them didn’t make sense. My cover was humorous and I made everyone in my group laugh. My book is based around space so I changed the cover by adding in things that didn’t make sense and I made them weird and funny. It also taught us to not judge a book by its cover and to understand what the important points in our books.
Alex D

For our Big Write we wrote about a crime in the Senior School. Someone stole Kylie and Cubert (Mrs Windleys plants)! We had to do a Big Write about it and everyone had something different to say about the evidence and who did it. We knew on Thursday the thief would come out and it was Miss Kruger all along! A lot of people had so much fun writing about it.  

Hi. This is ANNA! I’m going to be writing about Maths today. In maths, we are starting our measuring unit. We have been calculating length, with, height, mass, volume and capacity using different units of measurements. We have also been converting between different units of measurement. We used scales and rulers to measure lots of different things around the school from pencils to netball courts. Thank you for listening, and BYE!!!

Gala Day

 Team Building

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