Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Level 4 - Term 4 Week 3


Learning and Teaching

In Year 5/6 We Are Learning To....

READING: We are learning to ask questions before, during and after reading to improve our understanding of what we read. We are looking at the different types of questions and each of their purposes.

WRITING: We are beginning our unit on information reports. We will analyse the structure and features of an information report and will look at the language specific to this writing genre. We will also examine how diagrams and illustrations can help to add meaning to what we read.

MATHS: Next week we will begin our unit on length, area and perimeter. The students will explore these three units of measurement as they undertake a range of learning activities and investigations. The students will also continue to improve their number skills along the way.

UNIT OF STUDY: The students will research curiosity by looking at a range of inventors and inventions. Their research will be supported by using a range of thinking tools to better analyse and understand the information they find. 

E-Learning: The Year 5/6 students are currently learning to use the presentation software 'Prezi'. They are developing a range of new skills which will help them to creatively present their work in the future.

Calendar Dates
  • 13/10   Bike Ed - Session 2 (every Friday)
  • 26/10   JMSS Science Fair 5-8pm
  • 29/10   NRL Gala Day
  • 29/10   Disco
  • 3/11     Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
  • 6/11     Footsteps starts
  • 13/11   Footsteps
  • 14/11   Whole School Working Bee
  • 18/11   Curiosity - Why Oh Why? Celebration Day
  • 20/11   Footsteps
  • 26/11   Prep Transition - Tabloid Sports (Year 5 to run activities)
  • 27/11   Footsteps
  • 4/12     Carols Night
  • 11/12   Whole School Sports Day
  • 15/12   Year 6 Graduation
  • 18/12   Last Day of School for 2015! Early finish

 Making News

Bike Ed
Last week the Bike Ed program
began with both theoretical and practical riding sessions for each student. The students brainstormed the benefits of cycling, identified the components of a bike and revisited 'stop, look, listen, think.' They completed a safety check of their bike and helmet, practised riding in a straight line, braking accurately and completing head checks. Happy riding! 

Missing Bike!
Last Friday 16th October, a black, green and white Giant mountain bike was left in the school bike shed over the weekend. The bike is now missing. If anybody knows its whereabouts please speak to the 5/6 teachers. Thanks!

Marine Life Presentation Night
Congratulations to our Marine Ambassadors! Taite, Bella, Aaron, James and Mia represented our school at the presentation night on Thursday 15th October. We were the lucky recipients of the Fundraising School of the Year Award. Fantastic effort! This is our first award from the program after participating for 4 years. Thank you to everyone who got involved on Marine Dress Up Day and made a donation.

John Monash Science School Science Fair
On Monday 26th October Daisy, Natalia, Julian and Adam will present their research project at the JMSS Science Fair. Our Little Scientists have been working hard since the end of Term 2 to complete their projects and they look forward to sharing them at the Fair. It is sure to be an exciting and informative night! If you would like to come to see their hard work and join in the fun, the Fair is held at JMSS at Monash University, Clayton Campus from 6-8pm.

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