Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Level 4 Term 4 week 5


Learning and Teaching

In Year 5/6 We Are Learning To....

READING:Predicting and Inferring. We are learning to make informed guesses about what we are going to be reading about. We will be learning to draw conclusions to predict what might happen in the text. We will learn to read between the lines making inferences to understand the text.

WRITING: Our focus is moving to procedural writing, with particular focus on action plans and the structure used to create them. We will be looking at outcome based activities and writing the action plan on how to achieve the desired outcome.

MATHS:  Measurement and Geometry

We will investigate capacity, mass and volume of different shaped containers. We will be looking at a range of different possibilities and how to choose the appropriate units of measurement to make connections with capacity, volume and mass.

UNIT OF STUDY: Why oh Why?

Our students have been engaged in their independent projects about creating a new job or profession for the year 2025. The investigations to date have included students looking at the types of jobs that have been created in the past ten years and exploring what needs to be developed for future work.We are looking forward to our celebration to explore what the potential occupations could be.

E-Learning: Remember not to share your password with anyone.
The students will be investigating the validity of resources online and learning about what makes a source credible.

Calendar Dates 
  • 6/11     Footsteps starts
  • 11/11   Bike Ed
  • 13/11   Footsteps
  • 14/11   Whole School Working Bee
  • 18/11   Curiosity - Why Oh Why? Celebration Day
  • 20/11   Footsteps
  • 26/11   Prep Transition - Tabloid Sports (Year 5 to run activities)
  • 27/11   Footsteps
  • 4/12     Carols Night
  • 11/12   Whole School Sports Day
  • 15/12   Year 6 Graduation
  • 18/12   Last Day of School for 2015! Early finish

 Making News 

Bike Ed
The Bike Ed program is well underway, with students participating on Friday mornings. We have covered basic riding skills and in the theoretical sessions we have discussed riding scenarios and what to recognise as potential hazards. We are looking forward to our riding assessments in the next few weeks to make sure we are safe cyclists.
 Happy riding! 

Student awards
James Cummerford 5D for working hard to improve the standard of his classwork and homework.
Isabella Price 5/6S for her improvement in mathematics, well done!

NRL Gala Day

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