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Senior School Term 3 Weeks 2&3

Senior School Term 3 Weeks 2&3


Welcome Back to Term 3:
We welcome all families of senior students back to a jam-packed Term 3. We have many exciting programs running this term and can see that the students are refreshed and re-energised from such a hectic ending to Term 2.

Trivia Night- Saturday August 5th
Parent/Teacher Interviews- Tuesday August 8th
Book Week- Monday 21st- Friday 25th August
District Athletics Day- Monday 4th September at Dolamore Oval
STEM Parent Gala Day- a day to be determined in the last week of Term 3

 Learning and Teaching 
Students will be learning about Figurative Language and how it helps in engaging the reader over the next 3-5 weeks. Metaphors, Similes, Idioms, Oxymorons, Onomatopoeia, Hyperbole and Personification are all examples of Figurative Language and will be studied in detail in order to improve meaning and understanding of the author's purpose. 

We are learning to write Limericks. A Limerick is a five-lined poem used for humour and entertainment. We have been very entertained by the creative poetry the students have produced. Below is a selection of students' work:

The Queen is so old and bossy
It's weird her dog's name is Rossy
She picks her nose
With a prickly rose
She should try being an Aussie- John Senior R

There was a grade called Senior R
One day their door stood ajar
Their teacher was out
Chaos was about
The kids even stole Alison's car!- Gigi Senior R

There once was a guy called Dan
His whole life he'd lived inside a van
The town cried 'hooray'
When the van rolled away
Because Dan was a selfish man! -Eden, Senior W

Students are working through a Multiplication and Division unit over the next 3 weeks. We will be working in groups to provide targeted teaching for progress and growth, work through common misunderstandings and apply the learning through activities such as; student-led game developments, speed maths and classwork.

STEM: Students will work their way through a range of challenging tasks both individually and in groups. Students follow a 6-step process in order to achieve the activity's goal: challenge, research, ideas, design, outcome and evaluation. This term's challenges are Spin, Spin, Spin! Marble Run and Build a Bridge ending in a Parent Gala at a date to be determined in the last week of this term. 

SPORT: Term 3 is an Athletics term. Each Friday we will be rotating through 10 events (100m, 200m, 800m, 1500m, hurdles, shot put, discus, long jump, triple jump and high jump) where we put together a team to represent MPPS at Dolamore on Monday 4th September. Our sessions will be held every Friday from 11.45- 1pm. If any parents have any expertise or simply wish to help out with recording, timing etc, please come and see Cameron Riley. Please also note that no oranges are required!! 

CAMP: What an amazing time we had at camp! We cannot speak highly enough of the students' behaviour and how they upheld the school values at all times. Watching the students approach each activity with enthusiasm, excitement, courage and enjoyment made us very proud as teachers. So much so, we would be happy to take your children away anytime (cough, wink, cough)!!! Enjoy the photo gallery below.


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