Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Senior School Term 3 Weeks 6 & 7

Senior School Term 3 Weeks 6 & 7


District Athletics Day- Monday 4th of September at Dolamore Oval
(for those who made the team)
STEM Parent Gala Day- a day to be determined in the last week of Term 3
Footy Day- Wednesday 20th of September

 Learning and Teaching 
Students have been learning about the different types of questioning and using these appropriately with their text. This week our focus has been on Summarising, using the main ideas and key points from particular texts. They have been using connective words and have identified story elements within the texts.

During bookweek, senior students teamed up with students from the 1/2 area and discussed and read their favourite books; why it was their favourite, when did they receive the book, who bought it for them etc.
Students from the senior school supported the book fair with great enthusiasm, many books were purchased. Happy reading for us all!!


Students have worked successfully in groups to complete their unit on Area and Perimeter. We have now begun to look at Fractions, Decimals and Percentages which will enable us to cover the real aspects of these in our daily lives. It will be a great help if students could bring in catalogues or pamphlets of any kind so we can use them as the unit unfolds over the next few weeks.


Students continue to tackle our challenging STEM tasks both in groups and individually. As students undertake each task they work through a 6-step process in order to achieve the activity's goal: challenge, research, ideas, design, outcome and evaluation. The students have developed a greater understanding of design and testing their creations. We are looking forward to the finished products over the next few weeks.


It's been fantastic to see how interested students have become in the history of Australia. We are working our way through a fascinating unit on the colonisation of our nation and the students are now focused on what they hope to investigate and include in their individual projects. Students have had the opportunity to research using the focus questions they have been given.


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