Thursday, 17 August 2017

Senior School Term 3 Weeks 4 & 5

Senior School Term 3 Weeks 4 & 5


Book Week- Monday 21st- Friday 25th of August
Father's Day Stall- Tuesday 29th of August
District Athletics Day- Monday 4th of September at Dolamore Oval
STEM Parent Gala Day- a day to be determined in the last week of Term 3
Footy Day- Wednesday 20th of September

 Learning and Teaching 
Students have been applying their new understanding of Figurative Language and have composed engaging narratives on 'The Fugitive.' We have seen great examples of Metaphors, Similes, Idioms, Oxymorons, Onomatopoeia, Hyperbole and Personification.  

Students have also begun to learn about biographies and how we can tell a story of someone's life. We have seen plenty of research and interviews taking place as students' discover the life stories of their peers, family members and important individuals. This will come in handy as we continue learning about the colonisation of Australia in Inquiry.


Students have worked successfully in groups to complete their unit on Multiplication and Division. We have now begun to look at Perimeter and Area which will enable us to cover the appropriate use of units of measurement, measurement in our daily lives, the algorithms for finding the perimeter and area of objects, as well as designing our dream homes. 


Students continue to tackle our challenging STEM tasks both in groups and individually. As students undertake each task they work through a 6-step process in order to achieve the activity's goal: challenge, research, ideas, design, outcome and evaluation. We have already seen some great innovation as students design, test and then make necessary changes to their spinning tops, marble courses and bridges. 


It's been fantastic to see how interested students have become in the history of Australia. We are working our way through a fascinating unit on the colonisation of our nation and soon students' will begin to apply their understanding of biographies to the men and women who shaped Australia. Students have been given their project outlines today, on which they will be completing at school over the coming weeks. There is no expectation that the students complete their projects at home, however if they would like to conduct more research, they are most welcome to. 


Students have rotated through all 10 of our athletics events with students running, jumping and throwing each Friday. We will now put together a team to represent MPPS at Dolamore Oval on Monday 4th September.

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